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Mumbai city is a dream city where many people come every day to pursue their dreams, careers and passion. Call for shifting in the city is increasing day by day so as packers and movers in Mumbai is in demand. Many people using the service to get best relocation in the city. Movers5th is a web doorway which provides people an easy way to reach for best moving companies in the city. Our enroll service providers provides their best services to their customers. All are trusted and verified packers on whom you can trust. They provide you free quotations by which you can compare rates and services all the movers are providing in your list.

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Customer Reviews on Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Reviewed by Sandeep

This company peoples are so professional. I have shifted my household things with this movers and packers. They packed nicely a supervisor came to supervise. They loaded in all the things in mini truck. They were polite and professional. They promised me to deliver goods in 3 days and delivered as said all my stuff was safely and in a healthy condition. Unloaded stuff and unpacked them and rearranged them too. Overall service was good.

Mumbai - Alpha World City.

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra state of India. It is the second most populous city in India, with population of 20.7 million as of 2011. It is the wealthiest city in India and has a deep nature harbor. It lies on the west coast of India. Mumbai was named alpha world city in 2009.

It is the home of many billionaires and millionaires among all the city of India. The seven islands together make Mumbai is the home of fishing community. It is the commercial, financial and entertainment city of the India. It is also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry. Many celebrities have their home in the city and were moved in by well known and best movers and packers in the city. Now you can also have those moving company to shift you too by teaming with movers5th.

From many cities everyday many people come to Mumbai to pursue their career, profession, desire and passion. Similar to every industry movers and packers Mumbai is also growing its feet and fixing its place in the Mumbai city. There are many shifting companies in the city which is growing day by day. These companies are providing many offers to their customers and many new services with new packages and rates to settle down the people with an ease inside the city and outside the city. They offer office relocation service, household shifting, car shifting, two-wheeler shifting and much more.

Why Packers and Movers Mumbai?

Some relocation companies in Mumbai are associated with government and some are private. They deliver services according to your need and complete their work as per your satisfactory. We can’t say anything about its origin and the growth of demands of people that led to its foundation. But with the transportation service and smooth communication movers and packers industry has grown and now has its own identity. We are renowned in this industry and have many experienced and well known movers in the list so that you can choose best among all.

Packers and movers in Mumbai deliver the utmost service to their customers. They are professional and perfect in their work. is the one-stop destination in the moving and shifting business. Everything in this business is done according to a plan for neglecting mistakes. Supervisors supervise the entire process and proceed all work in front of them. Teaming up with us is like to have best packing and moving experience.

Services Provided by Us-

We provide almost every service to make easy relocation of our customers. Their preference and needs are our first preference. Our enlisted moving partners in Mumbai offer below shifting processes-

Packing your House-

Packing is the important part in shifting. Packing is the most complex job in relocation and if you are thinking of doing it yourself it may be painful. And packing the items should be done with great care and attention which people can’t give properly. Good packing makes sure that your goods remain safe and no damage can happen. And our packing companies in Mumbai are best in doing this.

During packing it is important to use good packing materials and to supervise it during packing. A professional hand is needed in packing for sure to neglect all the brakeage. Packers and movers in Mumbai do this work very quickly and professionally as they are trained in it.

They send a separate team for packing with professional packing items to pack your goods perfectly they have a supervisor to keep an eagle eye on them whom you can trust. He supervises the team and guides them in favor to make your packing proper. Expert packing and moving company in Mumbai delivers what they say. They understand the meaning of proper packing and also value your feelings which are connected with your precious items.

Shifting your Goods-

After packing, loading team load your goods on carrying dollies and transfer it outside form inside. They use different goods carrier according to the items and location. Packers and movers Mumbai look into it with great care and send their people with good tools and great equipment to carry your goods and to transfer them to the loading vehicle. They use below carrier to carry your goods outside-

And many more items like above they use in shifting your goods inside out and vice-versa.

Loading and Unloading-

As the loading and unloading is vital role in shifting so it is highly recommended for this you should go for a professional help instead doing it yourself. Doing it yourself may be you can make many mistakes as you don’t have the materials and carrier which a professional have. So it is better to appoint a moving company for relocation. They have various professional equipment and carriers to carry items outside and to load them in the truck. Hand-truck, two-wheeler dolly, three-wheeler dolly and etc are used by professionals to carry long, heavy and precious goods of yours to load them safely.

Transportation of your Goods-

After loading here comes another important part in moving is transportation of your goods to your new relocation. Our enlisted service providers provide many transportation vehicle to deliver your goods at time and safely. They offer goods transportation, two-vehicle transportation, three-vehicle transportation and etc. to transport the items we offers van, trucks, mini-trucks and car carrier trucks.

We also provide you big trucks and vehicle according to your need and goods’ quantity. And if you want to shift your whole house we can transport that too.

Unpacking and Rearranging-

Many service providers also provide unpacking and rearranging service to make your work easy. They send them with many professional tools and equipment to unpack your goods safely and to rearrange your items perfectly. Whether you want to attach your beds or want to assemble your computer’s connection they will do all you rearranging work. By the help of professionals you will also not get tired so much and can relocate in your house with fresh mind.

How hard do you think it is to find packers and movers in city like Mumbai but how easy do you it’s going to be to find right packers and movers? The city of dreams has everything you require but at the same time it has a duplicate of the same but then you can’t complaint the administration because it is a man made business. In rush hour and such situation you have to help you, we are leading enlisters in Mumbai and we have hired a list of professional relocation service providers to help you in all set of difficulties related with logistic and relocation service. The enrolled packers and movers are authorized and they offer customer oriented service with least packages supporting the pocket of locals. The ground for business is fertile and there are many packers and movers in Mumbai but to find right ones is a priority and we help to connect customers to connect with right ones.

Relocation Services

As far as packing and moving services are concern than our associate partners are known for offering wide and varied services. Domestic household relocation is a primary service beside that they offer services like office relocation, vehicle transportation, partial relocation, goods transportation, shop and factory relocation, warehouse service, corporate services etc. To ease the load and as a part of essential service, they could help you further in unloading, unpacking, clearing and rearrangement. It is a total risk free service we are talking about and for any mishaps they have a provision of immediate settlement of claims that could help you to get your stuffs back in order. The relocation service that they offer is not just about shifting of goods from one place to another, but they seem to share concern of customers to help them in most possible manner.

Process of relocation

They expect call or enquiry from your end before they could intercept your purpose and prospect. You could either come to office to discuss your plans and you would be given cost details and if you are ok with it, you would be welcoming investigating officer in less than 42 hours. He would check and examine loads and kinds of stuffs you have got. Final quotation would be sent to you and if you are ok with a final deal, packing officer would come to your address with his team of experts. After classified packing, loading would be done in most comprehensive manner and then after security checks they would be all set to transport your goods to aforesaid destination. Regular communication would be placed and customers would be given tracking Id to know whereabouts of consignments.

Different set of ideas

Since you understand relocation is not a static idea so it experiments or drives different ideas to complete the relocation service. For instance shop and factory relocation requires different approach as compare to household relocation, beside that packing materials and ideas would be classified according to set of relocation service you want. We don’t know much about other movers and packers Mumbai and we not even certain about their ways but as far as our ways are concern than it are transparent and exclusive.

Flexible approach

What we have understood as an enlister is you need flexible approach to lead a way and we have service providers who actually share the same idea with us. We share familiar relation with our service providers and they share good relationship with you, so it is a circle that flexible approach tends to create to help each other in different ways. Different set of packages they offer are all affordable and quiet a gem of service, you could compare the price rates to see a difference.

Men strength

Enrolled packers and movers have enough men strength to take care of any kind of logistic or relocation service. Employee associated with our partners are well qualified beside that they know what is required from them. The local employee in fact has a career opportunity with them, though seasonal but it is a large family and fraternity we are part of. Qualified employees are all locals and they tend to communicate with customers in most acceptable manner and they seem to share idea and build rapport to provide another pillar to support customer and client relation.

Points to remember after Relocation-

After all the work of relocation most of the people got tired and need rest for long or for many nights. But your work here does not complete after relocating unpacking and rearranging the goods main work is starts from here. As after shifting you supposed to live in your new place or city with new rules, new locations and new neighbours. You have to start everything from beginning.

If you are moving to new city you have to find new schools for your children as during shifting their studies suffers most. First you have look if there any branch exist in the city of their old school or if not you have to find new school for them have to complete all the admission processor that are needful. You have look for banks and ATMs that are near to you location for opening of new account and for other money related needs. You have look for supermarkets from which you can buy vegetables, fruits and other needful things that are required by your family. You also have to update your new address at all the important places like in your bank accounts, offices and schools to avoid any future trouble to you.

Find nearby hospitals and clinics and also search for the shortest way to reach them in minimal time period so that in case of any emergency you can reach there before something wrong happens.

Talk to your neighbours and if possible invite them for tea at your house to make a friendly relationship with them. If there is any club in your society join it and enjoy your social life and make friends and be familiar with the people around you. By doing this you will get friendly with your neighbours as neighbours helps sometime when our relatives can’t reach us.

These are some of the most important key skills during shifting and after shifting in a new place. We hope that it will be helpful for you to manage and settle in new city or within Mumbai. Apart from this if you don’t want to give such a pain to yourself you can appoint movers and packers Mumbai for complete relocation. And after this if your pocket allows you to appoint packers for unpacking and rearranging so in meantime you can do other important works to save your time and energy.


Do you show your documents?

Yes, our enlisted partners and well checked and government authorized, before contracting they will show you their documents.

Your enlisted movers and packers in Mumbai are trustworthy?

Yes, they are. Before listing, we also cross-check them and they all are government authorized.

Are you connected to other cities?

We are connected to nearly all cities in India intercity relocation is not difficult for our movers and packers Mumbai.

Do they offer shifting trucks?

Certainly they do, many customers want to shift themselves so in that case they needed shifting vehicle to load and shift. Our partners provide this service also.

What I have supposed to do when they come to my house to pack?

You not need to do anything just need to guide them the ways of your house and have to tell them which goods have be pack.

How are you planning to shift fridge?

As fridge is the heavy furniture so the packing team packs it with bubble wrapper and cardboard and will load using heavy truck to the transportation vehicle.

How are you planning to shift my small cat?

Our service providers have cage carrier for pets according to their size and will feel safe and secure in that.

Can your packers pack in front of us?

Certainly, we understand your feelings and attachment to your goods our enlisted packers can pack your goods in front of you.

I need updates after every?

Yes, our packers and movers will update you regularly with the information about your goods.

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