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Are you searching for a trusted packers and movers in Noida to move your households? So you have landed on the right page. Here we offer best and trusted movers which pack your house and office to safely relocate to new place. If you want to move your car or bike or any other vehicle they provide that service too. To make your shifting not only happy one but by teaming with us we will make sure that you can get best relocating experience ever. Stop looking out for random moving companies they neither have license nor do their work perfectly, but with our listed partners you will experience the best service and in your pocket range. So what are you waiting for scroll down and go ahead.

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NOIDA- New Okhla Industrial Development Authority.

Noida is located in Uttar Pradesh state of India. According to ABP news in 2015 Noida was ranked as the best city in Uttar Pradesh and best city in housing in India. 17th of April is celebrated as ‘Noida Day’. It is becoming most preferable place for IT, ITeS, BPO, BTO and KPO companies in India. The city has highest per capita income in whole NCR.

Noida is a hub of professional packers and movers industry. A number of well-known shifting companies are operating in the city. They offer different kinds of shifting services in Noida as well as outside of the city. They offer wide range of services including household shifting, commercial relocation, automobile shifting, temporary storage services, packing and moving services, and other associated services as per the needs of their clients. They offer relocation services at an affordable budget without compromising the quality of the services.

Movers and Packers in Noida Description

In this time of period all people are busy in their work, job and offices. They even don’t have time for their family. So for shifting who they can get time. In shifting the house or any other thing is a daunting task and take most of time. Usually shifting takes 2-3 days and even if you are planning to lend on other city that can take more days.

For relocation you need a professional’s help to experience a better relocation service. If you are moving to new place and don’t have any previous experience of packing goods then you can take professionals’ help to get packed all your items in appropriate manner. There are many professional packing service providers available in Noida. Professional shifting companies working in Noida offer good quality and affordable services to their clients in various areas. If you are moving in Noida or any other part of the country, you can take help of transportation service providers to move in a well-planned and an organized way. Shifting firms of Noida offer different kinds of services that are listed below.

Packing Services offer by Packers and Movers Noida-

Packing is an important activity in any kind of relocation. Carefully packed goods can easily absorb the shocks and jerks during the transportation and remains in intact. So proper packaging of the belongings is necessary for their safety. There are several professional companies are working in Noida. They offer excellent stuffing facilities. However, with some care and awareness they pack goods. Some common steps taken by packing team for the packing of household goods are discussed below.

Before starting the packing of goods, company delivers along good packing materials along with their people to you house. They have all the required packing supplies, such as cardboard boxes, heavy duty tapes, labeling markers, wrapping sheets, newspaper, etc. They purchase all these stuffs from reputed shop and brand. After purchasing all the required supplies, selects a spare room in your house, they will perform all the relocation related activities this room because a single room is easier to manage in comparison to the complete home. Places a center table in the room and covers with clothes or covering sheets.

You should defrost your refrigerator two days before the stuffing schedule. If possible, you can remove all the items from them and clean it. After that packing team will dismantle all your electronics connection like refrigerator, computer and television then they’ll also tape all the loose items inside as well as outside of the refrigerator so that they do not move or collide with each other while loading and unloading and transportation they do the same with all your electronics’ items. They will tape the cable wire either side of refrigerator. Team will use the original carton for packing the refrigerator and following instruction given in the user manual.

Glassware products are the most delicate items that you must want to shift to your new destination with complete safety and protection. To ensure their safety, packing team need to perform some simple activities and they will do this all with very ease. First, they’ll wrap all the glassware products by the wrapping sheets or bubble wrappers several times. Each glassware product should be wrapped identically. Then they group these items in a good quality medium size box. If a single box is not enough to group them, multiple cardboard boxes will came in use. They also use good quality padding stuffs at the bottom of the boxes to prepare a soft and shock absorbing foundation. Grouping the glassware products in vertical positions inside the cartons is more preferable by professionals because glassware products are much stronger in vertical position comparison to the horizontal position. After placing in the boxes tapping the boxes multiple times using the heavy duty tape is done in such a manner that so damage can be made. They will label these boxes as “Fragile Items” so that you can easily identify them and they will take extra care while whole relocation process.

You should switch-off your air conditioners some time before the packing schedule and leave it so that coils can dry. After this they will do all the dismantle process and will pack your AC in a proper heavy and strong box to protect them getting damaged from any edge.

Packing of your desktop computers is also a tricky job. For packing them, first we have to remove all the connecting wires and place all the part identically, such as mouse, keyboard, CPU, UPS, monitor, speakers, and other parts that you have. We can use a plastic bag for the packing of small items like connecting cables, mouse, keyboard, and speakers. To pack large parts, such as CPU, UPS and monitor, only original cartons will take in use.

Transferring the Goods after Packing-

After the packing of goods the next step taken in shifting is to transfer the items and heavy furniture out of the house and to load them in the truck. While relocation, you need to pack a wide range of items, load and unload them, and shift these items to your new address. These things are enough to make people feel completely exhausted and tired. In addition, when relocation includes packing and shipping of bulky furniture, it becomes more difficult and traumatic for people. In this case, you might need help of professional packers and movers Noida and expert moving companies in Noida.

To move big and heavy furniture is little bit difficult so to transfer it and to load it we use original boxes of that items. Packing and shipping of large electronic items, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, television, and cooler are also tricky jobs. People who are moving first time may find difficult to pack and move these bulky stuffs so it is highly recommended that to choose best packers and movers for this. Fridge, wardrobe, computer, bed, sofa and many more items like this is much more difficult to transfer, so to load these type of items some carrier are made especially for them. The carriers carry them and used to load in trucks they are also used in unloading the items while delivering.

Hand trucks, furniture dolly, ropes and etc are some carriers which are used to load and unload items easily without any brakeage. They are used to load sacks of heavy and large boxes, heavy furniture and tall items. After loading it in a vehicle which will appointed according your need will deliver your goods at your destination safely and on time.

Why to choose us among all? has reputation in the packers and movers business and is working in this field from many years. It is most trustable firm which enlists the city’s most professional and trustworthy company. They are skilled in packing, loading and unloading. The professional set of packers and movers are everywhere to be found in Noida and owing to popularity and competition you could expect to find reasonable vendors. Packers and movers in modern days have come long from the past and now they seem to offer various kinds of offer and way of transporting goods have changed. In such instance the name of should be remember always by locals to hire packers and movers as they represent the genuine section of enlisters with genuine list of service providers. We must aware you, there are lots of skeptical around so be very careful and check every minute details if possible to avoid any mishaps and misfortune. Movers5th is the one stop-destination for its customers. Our partners only get enlisted in our website if they are-

Service that we provide you-

Noida packers and movers deal with almost all sorts of packing and moving services as they work not for money but for the client’s convenience and requirements. So if you are in need of any moving and packing service, just get it done with our enlisted movers in Noida. Some of the prominent services they often deal with are:

Why to Consider Reviews?

While searching for packers and movers in Noida people often get confused because they have many options to choose from. So ease this problem we provide reviews and testimonials of our previous customers which help our new customers to choose from the list of moving and packing companies. People trust on what other trust or on others experiences. So testimonials, feedbacks and reviews are provided by the website to go with the best.

Different Relocation Services Provided by us-

  1. Shifting office is really a traumatic task because almost all offices office includes wide range of valuable possessions like electronics, furniture and more important large amount of sensitive data. To get all the items shifted to the desired place properly you will surely need services of professional moving companies. So, if you are going to shift working place then take help of a professional moving company that has good experience in handling office relocations.
  2. Shipping pets is a very complex job because pets are very sensitive. In case of moving to new place people will have to take their special care. We also cannot shift them from public transports as well. Professional movers and packers in Noida understand the importance of pets in your life. They offer special cattle shifting services to their clients on demand. They have special transporters and professionals from veterinary background who will handle shipping of cattle proficiently. They also provide complete meal throughout the move and healthcare facilities, if required.
  3. Warehousing and storage services have great advantage in making shipping of goods smooth and easily manageable. People who are going to shift to long distance place or moving with large amount of possessions often need warehousing and storage services to preserve their goods for some time period. Professional movers of Noida have many well managed and spacious warehouses where you can store your valuable goods for a limited period also at the reasonable cost. Movers and packers of Noida also ensure the safety and security of good at their warehouses. Therefore, after hiring their services, you need not be worried about the safety of your valuable goods.


Question : I don’t want any brakeage on my glass table, how will you deliver it?

Answer : No worries the packing team will take care of your most precious items they will pack it with bubble wrapper and wooden box, it will protect your table from brakeage.

Question : I need to get rid off of some loads; can you help me with that?

Answer : Surely, they would prepare a moving checklist before packing and the same would help you to avoid goods which are not required to cut the loads and to save money.

Question : I need a qualified driver while relocating my goods?

Answer : No problem, our vendors could get you the same, although we must say that employee of enlisted packers and movers Noida could be trusted for all kind of responsibilities.

Question : I need to move my vehicle first before household relocation?

Answer : We understand you want things to move separately, it would be done as our movers and packers Gurgaon are trained and experienced in such kind of relocation services.

Question : What can we expect?

Answer : You could expect transparent service from our partners and for any complaints you could always dial their number and fix a problem.

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