Ensure that the shifted employee gets town guide to know about roads

We receive queries from clients everyday about moving guidance, best practices and guidelines, besides requests for personal feedback on how to in cost wide range. With this post, we are sharing with you one useful notice a individual faced before to our support.


Hello, I belong to Delhi and had to relocate few months ago to Delhi because of profession modify. I have to relocate once again to a newer place. My encounter with that Packers and Movers Delhi to Gurgaon was so bad that I am thinking thrice now before opting for any such support. In gist – I hired a organization which offered an awesome quotation I could not reject. But what follows later is disgusting – They arrived two hours later than scheduled time, broke quite little volumes of while product packaging, and loaded items as if they are junks. When those factors reached place (delayed by 3 times from assured time) I found most of those factors failed to survive the harsh driving. I asked for a refund but they simply hesitate to pay. Instead, they charge some more income. I wanted to lodge a complaint with the supervisors of the organization, but they did not pay heed to my request. Can you please guarantee me when I move next; I am not liable for all such experiences?

That was indeed a bad encounter. The packers and movers industry in Indian is so unorganized and fragmented that it requires no introduction that as a individual you are going to suffer if you are not decisive about your selection of organization. Could that individual prevent that situation? The answer is yes, if he simply stayed aware and informed. So that you do not become victim to such incidents, we are writing this post. Study on!

Before selecting a company

Ensure yours is a reliable organization. Means it should be authorized, authentic, and experienced!

Read opinions about the organization. If the business is reputable about client delight, it would not thoughts delivering real recommendations and phone referrals of clients it served

Visit the organization offline. A excellent organization has its own workplace and features elsewhere it operates.

A professional business is the one that provides real estimates, and do not create awesome promises before learning about your moving requirements. You learn it as you cope with the people

Making the organization know with your moving goals

Ask the organization to see where you are, and make sure they see whatever you need to move. Learning it will help the organization to know which sort of truck/container needs to be used

If paying a little more is not a factor to fear, ask the Packers and Movers use a dedicated truck. This ensures your product or service reach promptly, and they do not mix up with other consignment

Learn what constitute cost – A number of factors collectively decide the cost such as product packaging, running, unloading, parking, Challan, unpacking, insurance, support tax etc. As for how much advance should be made, and that there is no extra and hidden fees

Insist on insurance statements. It ensures you remain in protection

Before Packing

        Let the organization package your product or service, but there are some essential wide range of factual and valued factors that you need to bring –

        Pack personal items – outfits, cosmetics, and delicate stuffs

        Pack light-weight valued items, jewellery, cash, certificate, passport, government records on a bag and bring it with you.

        Do not package unwanted items. It only adds to bodyweight and in the new house, you remain them abandoned

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