Step by step Instructions to pack small Items by professional Packers and Movers.

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Packing is a vital role in shifting. If our goods are packed properly then our shifting is going to be stress free but in case if it has not done properly, surely our shifting going to ruin. So the key point of happy and safe moving is that your goods have to be packed in a proper manner. This work only be done by professional packers and movers Thane but if you don’t want to spend extra bucks so you can try it by yourself with our step by step packing tips to pack small appliances.

  1. Select the appliance.

Select the small appliance(s) first which you have to pack, be aware of the appliances’ parts which are made up of glass those parts need much more care. You can do one more thing separate the appliances whose parts are made up of glass from the appliances whose parts are not made up of glass instead they are made of hard plastic, by doing this packing of small delicate items will be easier for you.

  1. Clean and dismantle the items.

Before packing hygiene is very important for all the items whether you are not using it after but when you unpack these items you don’t have to wash you will be able to set them in their suitable place. Then make sure that you have dismantled all the loose parts of the item like glass blender jar or microwave’s glass plate.

  1. Eliminate further parts of the items.

Now you have to eliminate further parts of the items still if any left. Such as oven trays, blender’s blade, mixer’s juice jar and etc. Click pictures or write notes on the paper that how you dismantle them so that you can’t face any problem when all set to reassemble them.

  1. Select the right box-

Before packing you have to select a right box, which is very important in packing. So choose the right box so that your appliances can rest care-free in them. Before putting the items remember that you have to tape the box from bottom so that it can’t be open from the bottom.

  1. Prepare the box

Now you have to prepare the box for packing and putting items in it. Prepare it by filling its base by crumbled packing papers.

  1. Pack each appliance separately.

After securing the box from the base now you have to pack each part with 2 to 3 packing papers and in last secure it with tape. Instead of using packing packers you can also use old newspapers.

  1. Place the appliance.

Rest the wrapped parts in the box along with cords and wires of it. And if you feel that there is still any space is left then you can repeat these steps with other items to place them with first one.

  1. Block the gaps.

If you find any gap between the walls of the box and the items so fill the gaps with bubble wrapper or you can use packing papers also.

  1. Securing by taping the box.

After all the process has been done perfectly you now you have to secure the box taping all around and especially on the opening of the box.

Follow these steps for safe and secure packing to make your relocation easy and damage-free.

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