Whether tipping is important or not when hire packers and movers?

When you hire packers and movers to move you to your new destination, you probably think that tipping is important or not? And if tipping is important than how much we have to tip and when? Good moving team ought to be rewarded. Here we are sharing few suggestions so that you can know that how and when to tip movers and packers team when they come to your place.

When to tip movers-

Tipping is based always based on the work of movers. If they do their work perfectly don’t stop your hand to tip them and tip accordingly. And if you feel that they are not doing their work properly so don’t feel impel to tip. Be straight forward with movers that if they do their work than they will be rewarded and if not than they will not be rewarded.Best Packers and Movers

But also remember if the team is doing good work like lifting heavy items or doing up and down continuously from stairs so in that case tip the workers of the company directly not to the company. Sometimes it happens that you weren’t happy with the company’s services but their people did a commendable job so you should tip them (workers) accordingly.

How much to tip-

The amount of tip is based on their work that how much and with how much of dedication they are doing. If there are stairs which they have to climb and then getting your goods down again and again or if they packed your fragile items perfectly then they should be rewarded. But remember, how much difficult the move was there is a thumb rule in tipping that movers should be tipped between 5-10% of the total cost then further it will be divided among all the movers.

You can do this too that give the tip cash to their head or supervisor so that he or she will equally dispatch among all the movers. And if you have received mind- blowing service which was very far from your expectation, tip can reach up to 10%. But packers and movers Chennai should have done such a nice work or they have done something out of the box thing to make your relocation easy. That is the sign of good and professional mover.

Know, when not to tip movers-

Everybody should know this important thing that when you’re not required to tip the shifters. You have to set one thing in your mind that you should know these things- whether movers have came on the decided schedule or not, they are giving respect to your goods and handling them with care, they are behaving with you and your family members nicely and whether they are answering the quires about moving to are asking. They are some points by which you get to know that are they nice and worth of tipping or not. During shifting if something is missing then they recoup that thing to manage.

If you have a worst experience with packers then don’t provide them anything extra.

Refreshment and Food-

Whether you have end up tipping or not, being a human it is your duty that you should provide some refreshment to movers this will help them and you too. After getting anything to drink and eat like tea, coffee or cold drinks according to the weather and something to eat like sandwiches, pizza, snacks and etc which are easily available to you or you can easily make without any time lost. This will encourage them to work more efficiently. You can offer them in mid of the shifting or after the shifting.


Water is the most essential thing that each and every human need, so keep disposal water cups and tissues handy so that they don’t face any problem when they are thirsty.

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