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How Complete and Partial Relocation Services are different?

How Complete and Partial Relocation Services are different?

posted by Ravi Ranjan On February 1, 2017

When you ponder about moving to a new place first question arises to everyone's mind that what services should we take from packers and movers? Everyone thinks about using complete relocation service or partial relocation service. And people who are new to is industry don't know about these terms. Here we explain all the key terms of complete and partial relocation and also clear all your doubts.


With a professional shifting companies you have two options in moving whether can have their complete relocation service in which you don't have to any work or you can go with partial relocation in this type of service you have to do some of the work by own. It is highly recommended that you should allow expert packers to pack your brittle objects so that they can pack your valuable things, glass wares, glass table's top, grandmother's old pot or clock and etc these items need much care and stronger packing. Here is the difference between the complete relocation and partial relocation.

Partial Relocation

Partial relocation is an ideal option for those who don't want to spend many bucks in relocation or have previous relocation experience. In this type of relocation you can approach a professional packers only to pack your fragile items and to manage them properly, rest of the work you have to do by own like booking truck for shifting items, loading all the goods, unloading and then unpacking. If you don't want them pack your items you can appoint them for loading, unloading and transferring the goods from point A to point B. Many service providers provide this service but before appointing makes sure that you have checked all the important things about the company.

Complete Relocation

Complete relocation is an ideal option for those who have small kids or who are old in age. It is also used by the people mostly when they have to move to another city. Complete relocation service is also best for corporate shifting or big office shifting. In this type of shifting packers and movers will come your house for inspection and quote you about the estimate of items that have to be shifted. They will load and shift your items and after delivery they will also unload and help you in unpacking. In this you don't have to do any work during shifting all the work is done by moving companies. You just have to do is to find a reliable moving company which is trustworthy and perform the entire task well.

Hope now will understand these two key terms or we should say that difference between important services provided by professional movers and packers Pune in you city.