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Pack your Kitchen in Just Simple 10 Steps.

Pack your Kitchen in Just Simple 10 Steps.

posted by Ravi Ranjan On February 8, 2017

Before moving we have pack and organize everything in a proper manner, if we are doing it all own and have not appointed professional packers and movers for our packing and shifting. Without professionals' help it become difficult to manage all the things by own even if we have previous experience in shifting and it becomes more horrible if we are shifting first time because in this condition we don't know about the key points and about a proper manner in which we have to proceed. But don't worry here movers5th's hard-working team research and bring ideas and solutions for each and every problem of your so that you can manage every hustle and bustle in moving by own in both the case whether you want to appoint packers and movers in Pune or not.

As said above again we are here with you to solve your kitchen packing problem. As we all know that packing the items of kitchen and whole kitchen is so difficult because this is the only room in our houses which contain a huge variety of items from small to big giant like, from hard items to delicate one, from easily breakable terracotta cups to steel plates and etc which gives us many complications in packing all those items. But with our simple 10 steps you will be able to pack your kitchen in just few couple of hours.

Simplify your kitchen first-

Kitchen is the most unmanageable room among all. So First we have to manage it before doing any packing because without simplifying it you won't be able to pack it correctly. Make the list of kitchen items that you won't be carrying with yourself. Also donate or dump those things which will not any more come into your use. After doing it you will leave with items that you need and it also minimizes your kitchen items by doing this you have to pack fewer items.


Organize boxes to pack items-

After doing simplifying you know that what type of items you will left with, so it will become easier for you to arrange boxes for your kitchen according to the items quantity and weight. Pack all the items carefully in the boxes using good extra padding expect the things which will be you needed till last minute before moving like dishes, bowls, spoons, hand towels and etc.

Arrange packing Materials-

  • Large size Boxes to pack lightweight but tough to pack items in your kitchen.
  • Medium size Boxes to pack heavy items like silver utensils, non-stick cookware, pots, pan, and etc.
  • Heavy Boxes, these boxes are strong enough to carry delicate items safely and also have thick walls so that any external force can't damage your items.
  • Newspapers use for wrapping things it in specially the brittle one.
  • Cell kits use to pack glass items and cups, glasses and thin panes to keep them safely until they can reach to their new kitchen.
  • Tapes for sealing Boxes, good tapes have important role in packing of materials. If you have done tapping nicely then there will be fewer chances for items to pop out of the box.
  • Labels are used to label boxes according to rooms or type of item in the box.

Pack not frequently used items first-

Packing items which you know that are not frequently used by you or your family members so that your packing will become easier day by day. Keep only those items out which are frequently used by you. Pack all the glassware, wine glasses, luxury utensils (which you don't use in daily uses), mixer-blender, food processor, extra wiping towels, pictures and wall hangings. And if you are unsure about doing it properly then call a professional.