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Top 5 Tips to pack your Living Room.

Top 5 Tips to pack your Living Room.

posted by Ravi Ranjan On February 10, 2017

Packing the living room can be more complicated than packing bedrooms or packing the kitchen. Because it contain that all hard to move furniture like sofa, heavy chairs, tables, electronic items, books and etc. this blog will help you to know exactly what to do when packing the living room during shifting.


1. Simply goods-

Simplifying is the first step before starting anything. So simplify your living room first and then get started. By simplifying we mean that you have to look and separate those things which you don't think to be used in near future. If you have an old faded sofa which is not worth of moving than you can donate it and buying the new one for new place will be the good idea. So by searching all the possible way to simplifying is good but don't sell or donate your new item which is costly more than it's moving cost.

2. Remove and Pack all the Wall decoration.

Remove all your art work and wall hangings from the wall and from all the other places wrap those using old newspapers and bubble wrapper with giving them extra support with extra padding. For packing your valuable art works and precious items you can call expert packers and movers to pack your fragile items. Use large or wardrobe boxes for packing the curtains so that they can't get any wrinkle on them.

3. Use enough packing materials.

To pack your goods properly, remember to use enough packing items otherwise shortage of packing materials will lead to major damage of your items. To pack your lamps and books take small boxes and make their base strong enough using old news papers or shredded paper for protecting items from damage and also top with some towels and packing papers to make them stronger enough to that it can tolerate any external force.

4. Packing of Electronics.

Electronic items need more care and more careful packing. As these items are so delicate and dangerous too, so you need to be more careful in packing these items. If you have original boxes of your electronic items then pack them in their own box because in that they will remain safer but if you have thrown it all then you have to call manufacturer to ask them for providing you one more box for packing them. You can also call best packers and movers Ahmedabad for packing your fragile and electronic items.

5. Time to shift Furniture.

After all the managing and packing a time comes when you have to move all your furniture to outside so that they can be loaded into the shifting vehicle. For transferring or loading your goods you may required the help of professional movers and packers Chandigarh which can move your items safely with the help of their professional transferring materials.

Your TV glass cabinet, huge book shelf, heavy sofa and etc which you can't lift for this you ought to take help from experts.