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Top 8 Car Carriers by Packers and Movers to move your Car.

Top 8 Car Carriers by Packers and Movers to move your Car.

posted by Ravi Ranjan On February 13, 2017

When people decide to move from their old place to a new place they have to move their households items along with their car. As we all know that in today's time most of the people own their own car or a family owns their personal car so along shifting of household goods they also think to move their car also safely. It is not possible for anyone that after all the packing they will drive their car till their new location, they need rest also otherwise the chances of getting exhausted will increase and in this case chances of accidents also increase. So it is better to appoint a professional to pack your household thing and to pack your car too for the safe delivery.

After shifting car is needed in new city so that we can easily go to our new office, college, market or can drop children to their school easily. So packers and movers provide this service, they move your car and deliver it on time safely. They use various car carriers to move your car securely. Have a look to the car carriers used by professional movers and packers Pune-


1. Multiple Car Carrier- it is just like its name it carries multiple cars at a time. It is strong and has space enough to carry more than one car in it. You may have seen this type of car carrier on high-ways when are travelling to another place. It have benefits such as-

  • They are good option to try when you don't want to spend much money and require low cost or discount in transporting service.
  • It moves slower because it carries weight of many cars on it and also has to stop at many places to deliver other cars.

2. Single Car Carrier- The single car carriers are made to carry precious and luxury cars like vintage cars and so on. These carriers only carry one car at a time and may demand for many bucks. But if you own a luxury car which you don't want to be damage in any cost then it will be the best option for you. here are some points about this which you should know-

  • As you know that they are delivering only your car they might be charge more for this than multiple car carrier.
  • They move faster than multiple car carriers and deliver your car in less time.
  • If you love your car very much and during shifting afraid of getting scratches on it then it is the best option for you.
  • It travels through streets and delivers your car faster.

3. Enclosed Car carrier- This type of car carriers are enclosed completely. You may have seen these car carriers they are carrying cars inside it. They are covered from everywhere and carry many cars at a time. But all the cars are safe inside it as it is enclosed it may costs you more expensive. Apart from this it has below features too-

  • These car carriers are all covered so that they can provide protection from everywhere to your car.
  • Since they are enclosed so uses more fuel and cost more.
  • They are generally very huge and protect cars and trucks from dust on road side.
  • They car carriers can also protect your cars from any temperature.

4. Open air- this type of car carriers is all open and does not protect your car from dust. They are considered to be the most cost-effective as they have to deliver many cars at a time so they don't cost much expensive.

  • They are the most cost effective among all
  • Damage does not occur very easily.

5. Multiple Car Open Air- this type of car carriers is the mixture of open air car carrier and multiple car carriers. May be the possibility of damage is higher there but they are cost effective.

6. Multiple Enclosed- they are cost effective as well as safe for cars too. As being the closed car carrier it protects cars from damage and from sun strokes and heavy rainfall.

7. Single Open Air Car- they deliver cars faster than multiple car carriers and also they are little more expensive than multiple open air car carriers.

8. Single Enclosed- do you have any vintage or most expensive car at home and want to move it to another city but afraid from scratches? Don't be. This type of car carriers are the most secure car carriers for your luxury cars it carries one car at a time and is enclosed from all the sides.