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Top Tips to Pack your Kitchen Dishes Professionally.

Top Tips to Pack your Kitchen Dishes Professionally.

posted by Ravi Ranjan On February 17, 2017

If you are planning to move your house by own then there we have some vital points by which you will be able to pack your house kitchen dishes and glassware properly. When it comes to pack the kitchen and its fragile items like dishes, glass items, expensive bowls and dinning set it demands much more care than normal. It will be helpful for you if you decide to appoint professional packers and movers in Faridabad so that your kitchen item can be packed by professionals' hand in a perfect way. But if you decide to pack and move yourself by own then we have some vital and low cost packing tips for you which will make your work easier.


Collect some right packing materials.

Firstly, you have to collect some right packing boxes and material in an enough quantity so that later in mid of packing you don't have to face shortage of packing materials. Try to get more middle-sized boxes because in kitchen most of the items are heavy and small so it is better to keep them in middle-sized boxes with extra padding. If you are using old packing boxes then before placing anything in them make sure that they are sturdy and not over used. Collect some good quality of padding material, bubble wrapper, tape, marker and other important material which use in packing. In place of packing papers you can use newspapers and newsprints. But if you are using newspapers to pack your items or giving them extra padding from corners make sure that wash your utensils after unpacking to get rid of ink if any.

Start you packing now.

Start your packing from dishes and glassware and then proceed to other items. Make a place comfortable place on which you can comfortably place your boxes and can pack your kitchen items. Place hard pads or bubble wrapper in between plates and bowls so that while travelling they don't get break by smashing with each other. Carefully place them in the middle sized box but before placing tape the box in a proper way and make its base soft by placing packing paper at the bottom. After placing the plates in the box, if there is any space left then cover them with towel or air cushion. It will protect your item from outer shocks.

Prepare the box before sealing it.

You have to prepare your packing box twice first before placing materials in it and before sealing it. So preparing before placing the items in it we have instructed you above and now we are going to instruct you about preparing the box before sealing it. After placing dishes and securing their corners with extra padding you have to see if there any space is left on the top of the dishes so there will be chances of breaking top most plates of the box. So before sealing the box secures its top with cushion o towel so that outer force can't do anything upon it. Then tape the box in a correct way and keep tapping until it securely and tightly packed. In last label them with "Fragile items"

Carefully Load on Truck.

If you are moving by yourself then you have to transfer your fragile item box in truck with much more care because you don't have loading and unloading items like professional movers and packers use to have. So in lifting the box take help from your neighbor or from your friend so that it can be lift easily and then place it carefully in the truck.

In truck place your boxes between sofa and cabinets so that during travelling they won't move from one place to another.

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